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Taking a 'hands on' approach to winemaking since 1998, the McLachlan family strive to produce wines that embody the absolute best of Central Otago.

This passion for the land runs in our family, and is a hallmark of Peregrine as a business.

The term "family" well describes Peregrine's tight knit team. From our hardworking vineyard and winery crews through to our friendly sales team, every member of the family is uniquely important to the success of Peregrine and share the overall values held by the McLachlans. The crew swells during harvest each year, with a multi-national contingent from far and wide busy harvesting in the vineyards and lending their skills in the winery to the crafting of the range of Peregrine wines.

Creating truly great wines requires an exceptional commitment and attention to detail - attributes that have infused our winemaking from the very beginning. The result is an iconic family brand that embodies the spirit of Central Otago and continues to win acclaim on the world stage.

Lindsay McLachlan

Estate Owner

As owner and manager, Lindsay's drive to produce landmark wine sees him engaged at every stage of winemaking - from growing exceptional organic fruit right through to bringing it direct to wine lovers. Being hands on with the 20-person Peregrine 'family' gives Lindsay first-hand understanding of the entire process, and allows him to steer the company towards the highest quality product. It also makes for a dynamic and responsive working environment, where many disciplines converge to produce wines the entire team can be immensely proud of.

Fraser McLachlan

CEO + Director

Working the land through his university summers in Bendigo, Fraser first connected to Central Otago, developing his vineyard knowledge and a love for the industry. Following a professional accounting career, he moved into the family business in 2012. Now CEO and Director of an exceptional winemaking organisation, he's passionate about his product and every aspect of the process behind it. For Fraser, it's about ensuring Peregrine continues to grow while maintaining the quality and values for which it's renowned.

Nadine Cross


Winemaker at Peregrine since 2010, Nadine brings experience from France, California and Marlborough to the unique climate of Central Otago. Lured into winemaking by the combination of environment, travel, food and wine, it's a job she loves doing everyday - in one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. For Nadine, winemaking is about learning: being observant and quality focused, in order to let the land and environment speak through the wine, while helping lead a top-flight wine-making team.




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