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A natural extension of our passion for the land, Peregrine are dedicated to helping protect some of New Zealand's rarest native birds. As well as taking part personally in some of this country's most successful preservation programs, Peregrine is proud to have worked with the Wingspan Trust, the Department of Conservation and the Fiordland Conservation Trust.

A helping hand

We believe that a commitment to the natural environment means getting out and helping with conservation initiatives, as well as supporting other passionate people and organisations. Our staff have taken part in programs to save the Saddleback, helping to relocate dozens of breeding pairs to new predator free homes on places like Bauza Island, Secretary Island and Chalky Island in Fiordland and the Orokonui Eco Sanctuary.

Peregrine has also worked to re-establish the New Zealand Falcon (Karearea in Maori) population in Central Otago. This project has seen us partner with the Wingspan Trust in Rotorua - raising chicks here at the winery , in specially designed bird boxes that minimize human contact, before releasing them into the wild, as well as transporting and releasing juvenile Falcons.

New Zealand Falcon


One of the fastest birds in the world, the New Zealand Falcon or Karearea is the only falcon native to this country. Exceptional speed and eyesight make them hugely powerful predators, able to catch smaller birds on the wing, with a territorial instinct that sees them sometimes preying on larger animals. While they remain a potent symbol of wild New Zealand - featuring on the $20 note - habitat destruction has threatened the species, with fewer than 800 breeding pairs left in the wild.



Once found throughout New Zealand's forests, the distinctive black and red Saddleback or Tieke's ground feeding behaviour made it easy prey for introduced pests. Near to extinction in 1960s, the Department of Conservation undertook the country's first species relocation in 1964. This was the first step in a determined preservation program, which has seen a strong resurgence in numbers on sanctuary islands in Fiordland and Northland - a success that Peregrine is proud to have played a part in.

Conservation News

Peregrine partner with DOC

Resolution Island/Mauikatau (c21000ha), situated between Dusky and Breaksea Sounds, is New Zealand's fifth largest island. It is rat and possum free, and stoats are maintained to very low numbers due to an ongoing and extensive trapping program across the island. With our help and by working with DOC we hope that one day Resolution Island will be permanently stoat-free and threatened species such as our tieke/saddleback can be reintroduced.

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