Peregrine Wines is proud to play a tangible role in the protection of some of New Zealand's most rare species of native birds. The winery and its staff are passionate about helping the New Zealand native falcon ( Karearea), the Saddleback and the Mohua in their fight for survival.


Peregrine FalconThe New Zealand falcon Karearea is one of the fastest birds in the world, reaching exceptional speeds and with eyesight considerably more powerful than humans. They are without doubt avian rulers of the skies, birds of prey who themselves have fallen prey to human development of the lands they once ruled. Although they are a celebrated part of New Zealand's culture, even featuring on the $20 note, there are currently no more than 800 pairs left in New Zealand fighting for survival.


MohuaThe Mohua is one of New Zealand's rarest birds, found in only some of the most remote parts of the South Island's pristine rain forests. It currently inhabits less than 5% of its original territory. Their bright yellow head plumage can be seen flying in the upper canopies of trees or traced to their rapid, shivering, rattling call, similar to that of a pea whistle. When seen in full song at close quarters, their tails vibrate with energy from the vocal outpouring. The Mohua's tenuous grip on survival is a direct result of the introduction into New Zealand over a century ago of a range of previously unknown predators, including stoats, rats and possums preying on eggs as well as adult birds. Peregrine Wines is committed to helping ensure that these stunning choristers flourish and regain their rightful place among New Zealand's unique fauna.


SaddlebackThe distinctive Saddleback was once thought to be extinct, until a small but hardy population was found on Hen Island and islands surrounding Stewart Island off the South Island of New Zealand. In the 19th century they were once common in all forests throughout New Zealand, but because they frequently feed on the ground they were early prey for introduced predators such as cats, rats and stoats. Great hope is now held for their survival as breeding pairs are introduced to predator-free islands.

Further conservation

Peregrine works closely with the Fiordland Conservation Trust and recently completed their fourth major relocation project in Fiordland read more »


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