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Peregrine 2007 Charcoal Creek Riesling

Peregrine 2007 Charcoal Creek Riesling

  • Lowburn Valley
  • 2007
  • May 29th 2007
  • 109g/1
  • 11.0%
  • 2.98
  • 7.5
  • 109g/1
  • 1-3 years
  • Citrus dessert and creme brulee

TASTING NOTE:The 2007 Peregrine Charcoal Creek Riesling made in a late harvest style comes from John and Barbara Hosie’s Charcoal Creek vineyard in the Lowburn Valley just north of Cromwell.

This Riesling was left on the vines well past the traditional end of harvest. Whilst not producing huge amounts of sugar some wonderful flavours developed through the combination of hang time and the influence of 10% botrytis infection at the time of harvest.

Harvest was conducted manually and crushed into our press for skin contact of approximately fourteen hours. The fruit was pressed to tank for cold settling prior to cool fermentation. The resulting wine is not an over the top cloying sticky monster but a melting pot of honey, apricot, grapefruit marmalade beautifully presented by its elegant structure.

Charcoal Creek Riesling is a delicate sweet wine that has a perfect combination of flavour complexity, fruit sweetness and superbly balanced acidity.


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